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Lusaka System Studio Limited (LSS) is a Zambian company with their head offices in Lusaka providing services both in the public and private sectors since 1997. The LSS team has completed a wide range of projects in Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Namibia and Zimbabwe. LSS worked with a number of international partners to expand its source of resources. LSS has designed and implemented a number of OVC systems, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in large Ministries such as Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education that are used at all levels countrywide. Comprehensive MIS such as planning and budgeting systems have been designed, developed for COMESA and SADC Secretariat. In addition LSS has designed and implemented revenue collection systems in Zambia that are operational including the Lusaka City Council Revenue Collection System and Ministry of Lands Land Information Management System covering billing, receipting, reversals, reporting and interfaces to the accounting systems.


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LSS hosts a number of such systems based on cloud computing for a number of clients in Zambia. LSS has significant experience in analysis, design, development, testing and deployment of WEB-based applications for;

  • Monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Planning and budgeting systems
  • Revenue management systems; and
  • Integrated management systems

LSS has designed, developed and implemented WEB based monthly monitoring system for developmental programmes at the Ministry of Finance, and for SADC Secretariat, monitoring and evaluation systems based on the DHIS software for the Ministry of Health including Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), Community Health Management System, and Hospital Systems for Zambia, Better Immunization Data Initiative, S3P Project under Ministry of Agriculture and for Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ). LSS worked with HISP of South Africa to implement DHIS2 (WEB Based) in Nigeria. Under EQUP2 project LSS developed a WEB based monthly monitoring system for the Ministry of Education covering attendance, infrastructure and performance.

SI provides a full range of innovative management consulting, technical assistance and training services to strengthen international development programs, organizations and policies. SI works across sectors to reduce poverty; improve health, education and the lives of women and children; promote peace and democratic governance; strengthen civil society; foster economic growth; and protect the environment.

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